Landscapers Partner is singularly dedicated to delivering Exceptional quality and service...

That is our mission, our challenge and our goal. "Exceptional" leaves no room for sloppy, slow or incompetent; no allowance for stupid, uninformed or tired. Exceptional is infinite in nature; it is a goal that has no finishing point and is a sense of things that can be conceived and occasionally glimpsed but only by those whom are constantly vigilant and ever reaching. Exceptional is an elusive & tantalizing moving target that allows those who are truly willing to get close only to find that there is a next level of trying, a next degree of boundless effort that is required if Exceptional is to be realized. Your staff at LPS strives for Exceptional; with every action and in every possible way, we are hunting Exceptional and there is no limit to what we will do to track it down, make it our own and share it with you. No limit at all because that is the nature of being Exceptional.

When you choose to trust Landscapers Partner with your business, you may rely upon each of us to strive for Exceptional with every action we undertake on your behalf. Exceptional product knowledge & quality, Exceptional competency & integrity, Exceptional effort from the office to the field and truly Exceptional value for the money you invest in our products and services.

Through your LPS Personal Purchasing Agent, your instructions are implemented and your needs are met. Your PPA is an expert nurseryman and a professional purchasing agent who acts as your eyes & ears in the field buying only the finest quality trees, plants, groundcovers and anything else that's green and grows. Along with green goods, your PPA will hunt down the best deals on a nearly infinite range of hardscape products, equipment and supplies. Anything related to getting your job done can come on a trailer from LPS and it will all come at sharply competitive prices because your PPA just wont have it any other way.

Landscapers Partner has all of the resources of its parent Groundworks of Palm Beach County to draw upon when meeting your needs. Whether it’s a “no notice get it here right now” type scenario or one where the plants you need are only available in another state, your PPA commands a broad network of logistical resources to make it happen fast and make the entire experience Exceptional for you.

This team stands ready to serve the needs of your business; try us once and let us show you what it means to deal with a team that is constantly chasing Exceptional. We take the product acquisition headaches out of the mix freeing you up to spend your time building your business and serving your customers. Your PPA and the dedicated staff at LPS are busy working behind the scenes to help insure that when you leave the site, your customer recalls to friends and acquaintances the incredibly Exceptional nature of their experiences with you. That's the goal, that's the end game and that is where we are all going together if you decide that it is what you want.

George and I sincerely appreciate you; we understand the pressure your business responds to and we are determined that you will come away from every experience with us feeling as though something truly Exceptional has just occurred.

We await your instruction and remain respectfully at your service;                                        Click HERE to upload your PLANT LIST

Melissa C. Nottingham
Sr. Vice President
Landscapers Partner Services