Personal Purchasing Agent

Landscapers Partner is exactly that; we partner with you to provide your customers with the finest quality plant material available in the United States while providing you with a reliably profitable means of getting everything you need to the site. LPS isn’t just a plant broker; we are a full service procurement agency that uses its broad reach and purchasing power to your direct benefit. Doing business with us is simple to facilitate and you can exercise as much control as you deem appropriate. After your initial contact and account establishment, LPS will introduce you to one of our Personal Purchasing Agents (PPA). If you like him/her, we will assign your PPA to you and that individual then become your single point of contact at LPS.

Before getting started, your PPA will spend the time necessary to become intimately familiar with the needs of your business and with your individual requirements & general instructions. As pricing inquiries are made or orders placed, your PPA will personally seek out the best deals on anything and everything your business requires getting written proposals to your desk without delay. Your PPA is a thoroughly experienced plant buyer but the skill set doesn’t stop there; your PPA is a professional purchaser who will shop for anything you need saving you the time you would have spent doing all the leg work yourself. Plant material, fertilizers, soils, mulches, equipment or anything else you might require, once you’re PPA knows what you need, it won’t be long before pricing proposals end up on your desk.

You are the Boss

Once assigned, your PPA is personally & professionally responsible to you and will be the most dedicated “employee” you have ever had. In fact, your periodic evaluations of your PPA’s performance will have a direct bearing on his/her professional outlook and each PPA is well aware of that. Providing diligent, dedicated service and injecting a sense of urgency into every action undertaken is the minimum standard here so you can expect your PPA to move swiftly & sharply insuring that you get the very best deals available, your schedules are met and your customers are fully satisfied.