Traditional Landscape Materials Brokerage
LPS supplies top quality trees, plants, groundcovers and anything else that's green and grows. We also offer a broad range of hardscape products, equipment and supplies. Pretty much anything related to getting your job done can come on a trailer from LPS. Our prices are competitive, we offer credit terms to qualified customers and we assign our clients a "personal purchasing agent" from the moment of first contact. When you need a buyer out hunting the best quality at the best prices, an LPS Personal Purchasing Agent is your assurance of both.

"Total Disclosure" Purchasing Option
For customers who do not need a full service broker, LPS offers a unique new model called "Total Disclosure". We can help you with sourcing but encourage you to find and negotiate the best producer prices you can using our COD buying power to negotiate producer discounts that offset our margins. Once the tagging & negotiating has been done by you, our inspectors will visit the grower and look at the material to ensure that it meets the specs on the plan. Prior to loading we will pay in full for the plants and then re-sell & deliver them to you along with a range of value added services on liberal payment terms. As a TD client you know exactly what we are paying for the material and you negotiate exactly how much you are paying us for our services. There are no hidden margins or mark ups. An experienced LPS shipping facilitator will work with the producer and you to create & meet the delivery schedule.

Export / Order Consolidation
LPS is a full service direct exporter for all your jobsite or retail nursery needs. Any species and any size from large palms and trees to 4" annuals are easily available to you. Our experienced staff has loaded hundreds of trailers and will insure your plants arrive in the very best condition possible. Even if your needs require that the mature material ships "Soil free", LPS is ready to serve you through its alliance with our sister company Ecotreat (

LPS Doesn't Just Provide Plants
We are also a budget conscience source for planting soils, topdressing, a wide range of fertilizers, tree support systems, hardscape products including decorative rock, pavers, edging or whatever your job calls for. Do you need new shovels, tree straps, or heavy equipment? We will get you squared away on everything with just a single call.