LPS supplies top quality trees, plants, groundcovers and anything else that's green and grows. We also offer a broad range of hardscape products, equipment and supplies. Pretty much anything related to getting your job done can come on a trailer from LPS. Our prices are competitive and we offer credit terms to qualified customers.

LPS has all of the resources of its parent Groundworks of Palm Beach County to draw upon when meeting your needs. Whether it’s a “no notice get it here right now” type scenario or one where the plants you need are only available in another state, LPS has the resources and logistics to make it happen just as quickly as you need it to.

45-60 day credit terms are available for qualified customers and we are ready, willing and able to move fast. Put an LPS "Personal Purchasing Agent" on the job for your business and we promise you the best in quality, prices and service.


After your initial contact and account establishment, Melissa Nottingham will introduce you to one of our Personal Purchasing Agents (PPA). You guys can chat and then you can let her know if you felt he or she was a good fit for your business. If it was, Melissa will assign your PPA to you and that individual will then be yours to command. If not, she will set up an interaction with another PPA and will stay with you until you are absolutely comfortable.  Click to learn more...

LPS provides tree and palm export services, Landscape supplies export and soil free plant export. We are plant brokers who specialize in low cost plant exports to the Caribbean and other destinations and also offer soil free plant exports. We offer high quality Florida grown trees and palms delivered with integrity and close attention to our customer’s budget. Our affiliate company, EcoTreat, exports trees and palms completely soil free. Deliveries in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas and the Caribbean are arranged with ease.